Harry van den Bergh

Welcome. My name is Harry van den Bergh. I live in The Netherlands, together with my wife. We have three children.

This website is my social landing page. Linking you to my accounts on Linkedin, Twitter, WeChat & others. So do not expect any original content here. It’s just bringing it all together.

I am working at SUSE, the open source software company. I am looking after the global alliance SUSE has with Huawei. If you want to know more about my professional life, please check my Linkedin profile. Open source is changing the way we develop technology, and it's great to be working in the forefront of open source technology.

I am very interested in how technology is changing the way we live and the way we do business. Specifically how China is playing a role in technology innovation is something that fascinates me, a subject I am constantly trying to become more knowledgeable about.

I dare to call myself a foodie. Food and cooking interest me a lot, and entertaining friends & family with nice dinners is something I like to do very much. I love Asian cuisine with Thailand, China, Japan and India being my favourites. But I also love the kitchens of Southern Europe and the Middle-East.

Although I travel for my work, travel is still my favourite spare time activity. Wether it will be camping & biking in the south of Europe or escaping Dutch winters to seek the sunshine in Asia.

Running is the sport I like most, doing weekly runs and participating in multiple 10k & 15k runs each years. Another activity I like very much is Yoga.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter, email, WeChat or the box below on any of the subjects mentioned above.

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