My name is Harry van den Bergh. I live in The Netherlands. As I am trying to move to the Fediverse as much as possible in 2024, this will be my social hub, but also my digital playground.

you can find me on Mastodon as

I am working at open source software company SUSE looking after the alliance with Global System Integrators. More on my professional life can be found on my LinkedIn

I love cooking and making things like kombucha, tempeh & sourdough bread. In the Foodie category I will create posts related to food & cooking.

With amazing tools like Canva, LumaFusion, Darkroom, Procreate, Logic Pro, Koala Sampler and many more I like to create stuff on my iPad. I will add posts to the “Beatmaker” category to share things. Some of my photography you can see on my Pixelfed

Other interests are yoga and running. In the summertime we like to travel with our full electric eBerlingo campervan. You can follow our trips on Instagram and see some info on the “eBerlingo camper” page.